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karbala journal of pharmaceutical sciences

مجلة كربلاء للعلوم الصيدلانية

ISSN: 70272221
Publisher: Kerbala University
Faculty: Medicine
Language: English

This journal is Open Access


Scientific journal issued by the College of Pharmacy University of Karbala
Date first number was issued in 2010
Numbers that are published in the year (1)
Publications which topped during the period between 2010-2012

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2014 Volume:0 Issue:7 Pages (1-289)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:6 Pages (1-212)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:5 Pages (1-194)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:4 Pages (1-204)
2012 Volume:0 Issue:3 Pages (1-275)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (1-289)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (1-92)