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Thi-Qar University Journal for Engineering Sciences

مجلة جامعة ذي قار للعلوم الهندسية

ISSN: 20759746
Publisher: Thi-Qar University
Faculty: Engineering
Language: English

This journal is Open Access


Thi-Qar University Journal for Engineering Sciences is a refereed scientific journal Established in 2009 accepts articles from inside and outside Iraq in different engineering sciences. These articles should not be submitted for publication in any scientific journal or conference proceedings.

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Year Volume-Issue Pages
2013 Volume:4 Issue:2 Pages (1-128)
2013 Volume:4 Issue:1 Pages (1-137)
2012 Volume:3 Issue:2 Pages (1-136)
2012 Volume:3 Issue:1 Pages (1-62)
2011 Volume:2 Issue:4 Pages (1-130)
2011 Volume:2 Issue:3 Pages (1-130)
2011 Volume:2 Issue:2 Pages (1-108)
2011 Volume:2 Issue:1 Pages (1-143)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:2 Pages (1-144)
2010 Volume:1 Issue:1 Pages (1-81)