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Tikrit Journal For Administrative & Economics Sciences

مجلة تكريت للعلوم الادارية والاقتصادية

ISSN: 18131719
Publisher: Tikrit University
Faculty: Economic and Administration
Language: Arabic and English

This journal is Open Access


1. Publishes Science magazine, Tikrit, administrative and economic research for sound scientific researchers in the disciplines of college (economics, management, accounting, statistics, informatics) from within and outside the university written in Arabic or English.
2. Required in the search should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, and on the researcher to undertake in writing when submitting research for publication.
3. Subject research to evaluate the scientific secret duly followed.
4. Research will not be returned to their owners, published or unpublished.
5. Research is published by precedence and received by the Secretariat of editing and editorial staff reserves the right not to publication without giving reasons and its decision is final.
6. Contain a cover page search on the name and rank, scientific researcher and email address and work location and address of the research presented.
7. Referred to the sources and references in the text name of the author and year of publication and page number as follows:
(Dora, 1994: 15) and if the source is in English (Porter, 1995: 15).
8. Write a list of sources, one end of the research and arranged alphabetically.
9. Numbered tables and figures, respectively, as given in the research.
10. Researcher is committed to pay all expenses financial implications of the assessment procedures and Publishing
11. Magazine is a quarterly scientific journal sober

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phone number : 07706699632
e-Mail :

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2013 Volume:9 Issue:30 Pages (10-248)
2013 Volume:9 Issue:29 Pages (10-296)
2013 Volume:9 Issue:28 Pages (2 English-287)
2013 Volume:9 Issue:27 Pages (11-274)
2012 Volume:8 Issue:26 Pages (9-297)
2012 Volume:8 Issue:25 Pages (9-172)
2012 Volume:8 Issue:24 Pages (9-288)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:23 Pages (9-197)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:22 Pages (9-180)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:21 Pages (9-208)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:20 Pages (9-181)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:19 Pages (9-182)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:18 Pages (9-177)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:17 Pages (9-175)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:16 Pages (43-188)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:15 Pages (53-216)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:14 Pages (9-225)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:13 Pages (23-177)
2008 Volume:0 Issue:12 Pages (9-207)
2008 Volume:0 Issue:11 Pages (9-171)
2008 Volume:0 Issue:10 Pages (9-156)
2008 Volume:0 Issue:9 Pages (1-155)
2007 Volume:0 Issue:8 Pages (9-187)
2007 Volume:0 Issue:7 Pages (1-164)
2007 Volume:0 Issue:6 Pages (9-154)
2007 Volume:0 Issue:5 Pages (40-189)
2006 Volume:0 Issue:4 Pages (1-185)
2006 Volume:0 Issue:3 Pages (9-151)
2005 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (7-156)
2005 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (1-126)