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journal of arabian sciences heritage

مجلة التراث العلمي العربي

ISSN: 22215808
Publisher: Baghdad University
Faculty: Agriculture
Language: Arabic

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Scientific journal issued by the Center for the revival of Arab Scientific Heritage / University of Baghdad, the date of first issue in 1977 and the number of numbers that are published in year 2 and the number of releases from 2009 to the end of 2012 is 12 the number of the objectives of the magazine to identify the contribution made by the scientists of Muslim Arabs of the exploits of Applied Science and humanity where it became their achievements later the first building block upon which the science the West in modern times. the task of this definition rests with the center professors and other university professors, including some Arabs by the magazine supplement academic studies on this subject.

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phone number:07807814101

Year Volume-Issue Pages
2016 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (9-424)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:4 Pages (9-392)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:3 Pages (9-444)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (7-464)
2015 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (7-356)
2014 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (7-492)
2014 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (7-450)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (7-424)
2013 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (7-380)
2012 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (7-424)
2012 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (7-411)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:4 Pages (5-220)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:3 Pages (73-127)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (53-271)
2011 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (25-210)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:4 Pages (104-243)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:3 Pages (12-246)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:2 Pages (8-250)
2010 Volume:0 Issue:1 Pages (27-183)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:9 Pages (79-163)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:8 Pages (48-213)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:7 Pages (37-239)
2009 Volume:0 Issue:6 Pages (1-240)