Continuous Simile Method in Balaghat Al-Nisaa by IbnTeyfor (d. 280 A.H.)


Simile is of the original rhetorical arts for the Arabs; it had been repeated in their speech and poetry, their creative texts depended on it. By which, the Arabs expressed their feelings and the scenes they observed. So it is not an accidental or new for the Arabic rhetoric, rather it is one of the main elements of eloquence. It has features and characteristics of physical and mental effects that take the receiver from one horizontal to another. It has different types, the research will study the most frequent one in Balaghat Al-Nisaa which is the continuous simile where the tool is mentioned, and the literate depicts in a way that gives the meaning directly without any ambiguous, so the receiver would have no effort to understand the simile. Simile in Balaghat Al-Nisaa has special beauty lies on the woman kindly and creative purposes. The creative womainvested this style in the occasions that created. So this style occupies a great deal of importance; most of the women compete to give the best of the simile style.