Study of Thermal Properties as a Function of Temperatures for anew Liquid Crystals Prepared from Schiff Bases and some complexes


The ligand [ Di(1-phenyl propanaldehyde) Hydrazone ]was prepared from Schiff bases as symbol (Z) and complexes with ions (Co+3) as symbol (CZ1), and (Cr+3) as symbol (CZ2)as the following structure:CH=CH-CH=N-N=CH-CH=CHDi (1-phenyl propanaldehyde ) Hydrazone The legand and their complexes have been characterized by a spectrophotometer Infrared (IR), Ultra violet (UV), and polarizing microscope equipped with heating stage, this techniques were found all compounds have shown a nematic phase (Enantiotropic) by heating and cooling.The study thermal conductivity behavior of compounds as a function of temperaturesof the raising (298-323 K). It has been observed that the results obtained from these compoundspossess low thermal conductivityand increases with increasing temperatures. Calculated specific heat and thermal diffusivity values, as results show that the specific heat is increasing slightly with higher temperatures, and the thermal diffusivity of this compounds is decreasing slightly with the higher temperatures. The legand have high thermal stability, complexed less matter stability.