Influence of Doping on K2SO4 Crystal Properties


Single crystals of pure and Cu+2,Fe+2 doped potassium sulfate were grown fromaqueous solutions by the slow evaporation technique at room temperature. with dimension of(11x9 x4)mm3 and ( 10x 8x 5)mm3 for crystal doping with Cu &Fe respectively. Theinfluence of doping on crystal growth and its structure revealed a change in their latticeparameters(a=7.479 Å ,b=10.079 Å ,c=5.772 Å)for pure and doping (a=9.687 Å, b=14.926 Å,c= 9.125 Å) & (a=9.638 Å , b= 8.045 Å ,c=3.271 Å) for Cu & Fe respectively. Structureanalysis of the grown crystals were obtained by X-Ray powder diffraction measurements. Thediffraction patterns were analyzed by the Rietveld refinement method. Rietveld refinementplots for showing the experimental (red circles)calculated (black line) and difference profiles(blue line); green tick marks indicate reflection positions XRD measurements show the crystalsystem of orthorhombic.