The impact of Emotional Marketing on customer experience applied research in Altaif Company for convertible financial


Become organizations today can not withstand the competitive challenges and constant change in the business environment , as well as the pressures witnessed by the Iraqi environment , especially in recent years such as the opening of the market which increased ambitious organizations and desire to secure the experiences superior to the survival and expansion of the competitive environment , prompting attention to the subject of vital contemporary is emotional Marketing and measure its impact on the customer experience in the sector of the economy is important and is the financial sector , so there is a need to study this term in the Iraqi organizations and try to diagnose the extent of implementation of the study sample emotional marketing and its impact on the customer experience, and have been chosen Altaif company for convertible financial application of the study data was collected from ( 60 )staff member of the front line and sections and divisions of the company, and used the checklist as an essential tool for the collection of data , The study found a set of conclusions and recommendations , including the possession of the company researched integrated database private customers make it easier for the customer conversion processes conversion processes subsequent information about the customer and thus did not need to bring the archives tariff and probative and limited to the PIN number for each customer , which in turn contains its own data , but it should be on the company surveyed to take a broad interest to customers across their views, and the degree of satisfaction with the services provided and to provide a mechanism to respond to the requirements that have been monitored