The Effect Of Steel Fiber On The Deflection Of Self Compacted Reinforced Concrete One Way Slab With And Without Repairing


The effect of steel fiber on the deflection of self- compacted slab with and with out repairing was investigated experimentally in this study. Three specimens were used in this study and six tests were taken. All specimens were tested under two point loads to found the deflection of the slabs with and without repairing.The results showed that, when used (0.2-0.5%Vf) steel fiber added to concrete the deflection of the slabs decreases from (46% t0 43%) than slabs without fiber under the same loads, since the steel fiber increased the tensile capacity for concrete. The results also showed that the load capacity can be increased after repairing as compared with before repairing to (5.3%, 9.6% and 17.6%)for slabs with (0,0.2 and 0.5% Vf)steel fiber respectively. On the other hand the results was checked with finite elements method by using sophisticated finite element programme (ANSYS) and it found that the result was acceptable the difference was not more than 9%.