Isolation & Identification Coagulase Positive Staphylococci From Different Clinical & Food sample & Study Some factor Effecting on enzyme Production.


The study include isolate and diagnosis the Coagulase Positive Staphylococci bacteria from (120) clinical sample of hospitals holy city of Karbala (General Al Hussein Hospital٫Karbala Children Hospital) included Nasal swabs, Ear swabs, skin swabs, Burn swabs, Wound swabs, Operation swabs and Urine sample as well as food samples which included samples of cheese, Dairy Yoghurt sample, samples of meat and ice cream sample for the period (April 15 to Jule 30 , 2014).CPS formed ratio ((٪39.13 , ٪60.0 )) of clinical and food samples respectively, Also been diagnosed tow species of CPS (S. aureus and S. hyicus ) , and studying the different condition for the production of Coagulase enzyme for both species it was noted that is a great similarity in those circumstances except for some difference the results indicate that the chemical defined medium led to an increase in the production of the enzyme in both types under study it was noted t temperature (37) C, pH (7.5), incubation time (24 hrs.) & incubator shaking (100 rpm) which led to increased production of the enzyme for both types.