Synthesis of Prodrug Ciprofloxacin Procain Male amide Polymer


Abstract In this research, two new drugs were bonded through amide attachment using Maleic acid as aspacer binder ,produced di prodrug such as Procain and Ciprofloxacin. SinceProcain has localanesthetic action.and Ciprofloxacin as antibacterial drug was reacted with Maleicanhydride and free Procain oil produced amide attachment, the N-ProcainMaleamic acid (1) was converted to its acyl chloride by using thionyl chloride (2) then reacted with ciprofloxacin to obtain amide bond as a new prodrug (3), then polymerized free radically to obtain prodrug polymer(4) which was studied by controlled drug release in different pH values at 37C˚ ,to improve their characteristic and to minimize the side effect of the drug to be broad spectrum activity as atherapeutic material.This mutual prodrug was used with another biological active drug instead of single action. The prepared prodrug polymer(4) was characterized by FTIR , 1H-NMR ,and UV spectroscopies ,the physical properties were determined was measured .The good results were obtained as sustained release of ciprofloxacin with broad spectrum antibioticbiological assay were conducted for prepared prodrug polymer using. The prepared prodrug showed high biological activity against E.coli, staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas acuroginosoma.The prepared prodrug appear high biological activity, compared with standard Gentamycin.