Asymptomatic Hypoglycemia After Hemodialysis in Non-Diabetic Patients with Use of Glucose- Free Dialysate Solutions


Hypoglycemia (HG) has been demonstrated during chronic hemodialysis (HD). These events may become more frequent with the current use of glucose-free bicarbonate dialysis solution, the standard formula in most dialysis units in our hospitals. The Aim of study is to evaluate the occurrence of HG in non-diabetic (NDM) end-stage renal failure patients during HD using dialytic solution without glucose. In Merjan teaching hospital from January to September 2013. A hospital-based cross-sectional study design has been carried out on fifty non-diabetic patients with chronic renal failure randomly selected from the dialysis unit of Merjan Teaching Hospital after their setting for HD session of the glucose- free bicarbonate solution. Serum glucose has been measured at zero hour before dialysis session and 30 minutes after dialysis session. The study duration was from January to September 2013 Categorical variables were presented as frequencies and percentages. Continuous variables were presented as means with their 95% confidence interval (CI) and standard deviation. The Pearson's chi-square test (x2) was used to determine the associations between categorical variables. Independent sample t-test was used to compare between two means. A p-value of < 0.05 was considered as statistically significant.Data were expressed No patient presented any clinical evidence of HG.40 patients(74.8%) of fifty patients express serum sugar levels changes before and after HD ,serum sugar levels after HD was <80mg/dl ,which is statistically significant P value <0.01.Asymptomatic HG was frequent during HD when glucose-free dialysis solution was used. Glucose added dialysis solution at 90 mg/dl significantly reduced the number and severity of HG episodes and although it caused higher mean glycaemia in DM patients during HD, its use seems advisable in all patients.