The use of Alloplastic Acrylic Subperiosteal Implant to Restore the Facial Symmetry in Post Traumatic Condylar Hyperplasia Patients


Post traumatic condylar Hyperplasia which is a rare documented condition results in facial asymmetry, condyle, ramus overgrowth and malocclusion of the teeth. Osteotomies together with bilateral sagittal mandibular osteotomies are the treatment of choice, to restore the facial symmetry and the malocclusion of the teeth. Alloplastic sub periosteal acrylic mandible which is an inert material being used to restore the facial symmetry as an alternative method to the osteotomies in 12 patients who were contraindicated medically to the extensive osteotomies surgery, or refused such surgery, given a good permanent postoperative facial symmetry.