Effectiveness of Health Education on The Knowledge of The Mothers Toward Pertussis Disease and Vaccination in Al-Hashimiya District - Babylon Governorate


The aim of this study is to study effectiveness of health education on the knowledge of the mothers toward pertussis disease and vaccination.A descriptive, cross-sectional study, carried out during the period from 9th January till 10th of March 2014. Data were collected by the researcher, by using a special questionnaire format was constructed for this purpose, The sample of the study was 150 mothers visit Al-Hashimiya health centers. The results of the study shows that the majority of the participants 63 (42%) were between age groups (20 – 29) years, 148 (98.7%) were reported as married, related to the education 78 (52%) were read-write and primary, the majority of the sample are "Housewife", and they accounted 139 (92.7%). Additionally, the results have indicated that there are highly significant differences for all items of mothers knowledge concerning pertussis disease at pre-post test period. Regarding to source of information the results indicated that the mothers answered with health employees at pre-test were 125 (83.3%), while the mothers answered with health employees at post-test period were 142 (94.7%).