New Approach in Estimation of Dental Development


This study aimed to estimate the mature root length of first premolar by using the root of first molar as a reference through the panoramic radiograph.The sample of this study included 102 panoramic radiographs of Iraqi Arab subjects with an age ranged between 17-25 years. The root length of both the first premolars and first molars are measured on good diagnostic quality panoramic radiographs by using the Planmeca Romexis Viewer software. Pearson’s correlation coefficientwas used to determine the relation between the root length of first premolar and that of permanent first molar. Regression equation was used to determine the questions that predict the length of mature root of first premolars. Paired t-test was used to compare between the actual and predicted root length.The findings showed high correlation between the root length of first premolars and that of permanent first molars. Hence, the root length of permanent first molar can be used as predictors for root length of first premolars.