Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) Due to Lumbar Disc Herniation; Correlation between Delayed Decompression and Clinical Outcome


Twenty-six patients presented with fully developed CES with delay of 48 hrs to two months, with average age of 40 years ranging from 20-60 years. The follow-up of patients was for two years post-operatively. All patients underwent surgical decompression. The result is not dramatic, but it takes time, leg and back pain relieved in all patients, nineteen patients regained full control of urination, five patients urinate with straining and two patients remained needing catheterization to treat retention. We concluded that surgical decompression is beneficial for those patients presenting late with fully developed CES. So we recommend to do decompression to all patients with CES in spite of the delay in presentation. Further urodynamic studies and monitoring of the intrathecal pressure preoperatively is required.