Frictional resistance of aesthetic brackets


Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate and compare the static frictional forces produced bymonocrystalline ceramic (sapphire) bracket and polycrystalline ceramic bracket.Materials and methods: one hindered twenty brackets/segment of archwire combinations were used, eachbracket/segment of archwire combination was tested 10 times. The tests were performed in a universal testing Instronmachine. The data was submitted to in depended t-test.Results: The independent sample t-tests showed a highly significant difference in the static frictional forces betweenmonocrystalline ceramic (sapphire) bracket and polycrystalline ceramic bracket.Conclusion: According to the biomechanical result gained from the present study, the monocrystalline ceramic(sapphire) brackets produced lower static friction level than polycrystalline ceramic bracket