Dental caries and treatment needs among 12 year-old school children in Heet city/Al-Anbar governorate/Iraq


and disability across all age groups and still consider as a major cause of tooth loss. The aim of this study was toassess the prevalence and severity of dental caries and treatment needs among school children in Heet city.Materiales and methods: The sample included all school children at age of (12 years old) males and females fromurban areas in Heet city. Diagnosis and recording of dental caries and treatment needs were done according to thecriteria of WHO.Results: The prevalence of dental caries was (90.2%). The DMFS/dmfs values were (5.85±0.168, 1.57±0.146)respectively for the total sample. Females were found to have higher value as compared to males with statisticallyhighly significant difference (P< 0.01) for DMFS, while the opposite picture was found for dmfs. The higher percentageof examined children were in need of preventive or fissure sealant (91.6%), followed by those in need of one surfacefilling (80.4%).Conclusions: School children were found to have a high prevalence of dental caries, thus there is a need forpreventive programs among those children