The effect of Visual Characteristics of Domestic Spaces on Level of Choice for Daily Activity Routine – Evaluate Local Houses in Mosul City


AbstractThe specific patterns of daily activities routine in houses for each society varies according to differences of its culture , believes ,rituals and traditions . which reflects the varity of houses type and physical characteristics of size , number of fundamental living spaces. Houses we live are not only physical structures containing our daily routines activities , they are integral part of our cultural system , then Domestic space is spatial boundary that frame our living activities along the day according to our culture and behavioral codes that determines the way space is used and claimed within the home . This article aim to represent the properties of domestic space within local houses . its limitation , prospects ,obstructions and barriers for daily living activities ,Building in general and house in particular , information control achieved through visual field are a part of privacy – territory living activities , which regulate the amount and level of interpersonal interaction between inhabitants. The purpose of this research is toanalyzeIsovist graph for domestic spaces by applying Depth map software in order to get reflection of visual physical characteristic on level of choice daily activities for all members of Mosul family. The study concludes that the visual structure of domestic spaces enhanced spatial permeability structure and affected of the capability of activity choice