The Life skills for The university students


the researchaimed for identifying the life skills among the students of the university and the differences in the life skills and according to variable sex (male- female) and a course of To achieve the study (human – scientific),to achieve the aim of the research has been building scale of life skills, depending on the classification (WHO),The researcher investigated the sicometeric characteristics of the scale so, the researcher gain the validity by two ways which are: The surface validity and the building validity and the researcher gain the reliability by the followingways. Re-test and the rate of reliability is (0.86)and Alpha Cronbach, the rate of reliability is (0.89).The final image of scale is (68) items to measure the Life skills, The scale has been applied sample of the research which count (748) male & female students, they were chosen from the students of the University of Diyala randomly andafter analyzing the results by using the mentioned statistics means which are: A calling test for one sample andTwo Way Anova Analysis, the researcher gaind the following results:students ofDiyala University have a good level of life skills, and there was no statistically significant difference between(males- females) , and specialization (human - Scientific) in the level of life skills


Life skills