As Mentioned in the book of "Al-Thakha'ir wa Al-Tuhaf"


This research is tackled the gifts of Abbasids caliphs as mentioned by al-Qazi IBN Al-Zubair in his Al-Zakha'er wal-Tuhaf (The Ammunition and Antiques), which is one of the most important sources in Islamic heritage, for its narratives, which the author (Ibn al-Zubair) was an eyewitness to many of them. These gifts show the aims of their senders, who were attempting to submit to the Abbasid caliphs to maintain their offices in their provinces and to preserve their privileges.This study did not address all the Abbasid caliphs, for the author focused on just some of them. So, we followed him by methodology as he tackled just eleven caliphs, starting with Abu-Ja'far Al-Mansour (136-158 AH/ 735-775 CE), to al-Qa'im bi-Amr-Illah (422-467AH/ 1030-1074CE).Significantly, this study painted a picture for political and administrative relations between the capital of Abbasid caliphate and the governors. It also tackled the gifts that are exchanged between some of the caliphs and other contemporary rules. This phenomenon can be considered a signal for the power of these caliphs, when the contemporary rulers were courting them by these gifts