Extracurricular activities for students of public relations at the University of Baghdad Faculty of Information (Phase IV)


Become a public relations focus of attention of states and societies in the current era and in the light of developments and technology, and the era of mass communication as it is not without its field of humanitarian work or social, of the practice of public relations is codified so as to this aspect of great impact in improving the performance, and the advancement of the level of activities and services provided by organizations based on the areas of humanitarian work or social, for the reality of evolution towards a better future.The prevailing belief has been for many years about education is that it is by His teachers on their students either directly through lectures, tutorials or indirectly by books and other publications. That the continuation of a look institution to public relations as a professional activities only, without recognizing the content of social has led to a number of negatives in the fields of its practicality, prompting some to question the ability of public relations itself and its value as a necessity Social indispensable in the institutions of modern society . The researcher studying the role of students in the public relations department in extracurricular activities that aim to serve the community in two frames, the first frame of a theoretical included a research methodology, and training in the field of public relations, training participation and the role of public relations in the community service the second frame, a field has included the analysis and interpretation The questionnaire results of student participation in activities and the difficulties they faced, and the researcher reached a set of conclusions and recommendations put on the light by which they can cooperate management and all stakeholders in the university with students of public relations for the success of such activities