Ethics of Scientific Research A Study which its Field are the Teachers of the College of Basic Education/ University of Diyala


The study aims at:1. Finding out the ethics of the scientific research from the view point of the teachers of the college of Basic Education in the university of Diyala and setting them in priority order.2. Identifying the conducts that should be available in the scholar and for each ethic.In order to carry out the aims of the study , the researchers reviewed the related literature and 33 ethics have been derived. Those ethics which can be observed and measured are focused and then , these ethics have been spread out to all the population of the study to find their validity ( delete, add , modify ).After reviewing the responses of the target population , the ethics were re-ordered and the related behaviors of each ethic were identified according to the importance , and then , the scale was re-spread on the population of the study to show their views on :1. Setting the ethics according to priorities.2. The validity of the related behaviors for each ethic and its rank.Then , their responses were analyzed and the ethics were ordered up-down according to the series of each ethic and also the related behaviors were re-ordered.Accordingly , the finding of the study were identified which are represented by 33 ethics that are ordered serially as a matter of consensus. The researchers recommend :1. Adopting the scale specified for the ethics that the study found out in the college of Basic Education.2. Originating a division in the university of Diyala attached to units in the colleges and to be named ( The division of scientific research ethics).3. Carrying out similar studies in other colleges to derive ethics according to their specialization.