The Effect of Special Exercises in Developing physical Response Speed and Learning the Skill of Passing the Ball in Basketball for Female Second Intermediate Pupils


The study aims at investigating the effect of special exercises in improving response speed and learning the skill of passing the ball in volleyball for female second intermediate female students. As the researchers noticed weakness in dynamic response speed and learning the skill of passing the ball, thus they have set a number of exercises based on scientific basis to overcome this weakness. They made use of the perfect control design of two groups, controlling and experimental, with pre and post tests. The sample of the study is intentionally selected from the Al-Mumina secondary school. It comprises (80) female students of 20 students each group, which represents (25 %) of the total sample. After the conducting the experiment and analyzing the results, the researchers concluded that there is development in the variables under study study. Therefore, they recommended adopting the special exercises under study in developing dynamic response speed and learning the basic skills of volleyball in this age category.