International Validity For Acquired Rights In Matters Of Money


Everyone has the right to exercise all types of behaviors within the limits of the law whether in his/her country or abroad. Based on these behaviors a person may gain certain rights. These rights may be established in one country, while they are denied in other countries. This leads to the formation of rights called "acquired rights". These acquired rights are not different in content from other rights. They only difference may be found in the mechanisms used to implement these rights. Acquired rights for example can be implemented on the international level, while other rights may arise and implemented internally; this has led us to the study of acquired rights.Consequently, the reasons behind the studying of the international implementation of acquired rights in property matters have arisen from main reason, namely, lack of such study in Iraq. Additionally, acquired rights should be brought up as guarantee of human rights at the international level, while being implemented at the internal level through the organization of the legislator to their provisions. The manifestation of acquired rights is a legal guarantee to the stability of the legal status of individuals under the issuance, cancellation, or amendments of existing legislation. What makes this matter more important is that acquired rights have a role in the stability of the legal status that may arise under a state law while its impacts may be produced in another. It also manifests the varying role of rights in topics related to the special law of states. In addition, it reveals the role of acquired rights in matters related to personal status rather than in matters of real status.


هل تقصد: حيث توجد الحقوق توجد وضماناتها ولعل من وضماناتها وجود حماية قضائية من خلال دعوى تحول دون الانتقاص منها أو التعرض لها على المستوى الداخلي والدولي, ولأجل ممارسة هذه الضمانة يقتضي ان توجد بجانبها ضمانه سابقه عليها تتمثل بمسالة الاعتراف بالحقوق وآثارها وهذه المرحلة تأخذ المراكز القانونية فيها وصف الحقوق المكتسبة بعد ولادتها بشكل أصولي وصحيح من الناحيتين الشكلية والموضوعية Where there are rights are no guarantees Perhaps one of the guarantees the existence of judicial protection through a lawsuit to prevent diminished or exposure to domestic and international level, and for the exercise of this guarantee requires that there beside them guaranteed its predecessor it is issue of the recognition of rights and their implications and this stage take legal centers where the description Rights acquired after birth is a fundamentalist is true of both the formal and objectivity