Study the effect of thickness on attenuations coefficient of polystyrene -bentonite Composite


Achievement of studying effect the addition ratio of powder from clays Iraqi bentonite (D<75um) treated with temperature (100 ºC) and treated with PVA as filler on polystyrene to dissolved in toluene with the state ratios and temperature degrees (70-80 ºC).The attenuation measurements of X-Ray for the voltage range (20,25,30)KV for the composite polystyrene-bentonite were done by using X-Ray unit with two X-Ray tubes (Cu tube , Eu tube) and G-M counter.The linear attenuation coefficient (µL) were concluded for the voltage range mentioned above through the linear equations of the yield of graphic representation operation between the logarithmic absorption and the sample thickness X(cm) , the mass attenuation coefficient( µm) were also concluded through the graphic relation between the logarithmic absorption and the equivalence thickness of the samples Xm (gm/cm2) such that the slope of the graphic relation represents the attenuation coefficient either linear or mass.The linear relation between the logarithmic absorption of X-Ray with the thickness and equivalent thickness sample were concluded .Inverse relation between the linear and mass attenuation coefficient with X-Ray voltage were also concluded of composite