In Vivo Effect of Catharanthus roseus Crude Extracts on Pathogenic Bacteria Isolated from Skin infections


This study includes collection of 70 swabs samples of burns from patients were admitted in three hospitals (Baghdad, Al- Numaan and burns injuries Hospital). All swabs samples were cultured on blood and MacConkey agar media to isolate and identify pathogenic bacteria according to their morphological , biochemical and growth characters. Growth of bacteria on selective media showed the following results: Pseudomonas aeroginosa 44.28% , Klebsiella pneumonia 30% , Staphylococcu saureus 8.57% , Escherichia coli 4.28% , Proteus vulgaris 4.28 % , Enterobacter spp. 5.71% , Acinetobacter baumanni 2.89 %. Different concentrations were prepared from leaves ethanolic crude extract of Catharanthus roseus , then the anti-bacterial activity of this extract was evaluated in vivo. Burns were achieved experimentally in Albino mice and contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and evaluate the ability of extract in healing of these infected burns. Results showed that the extract accelerate burns healing within 7days.