Organisational Learning Practices and knowledge management strategy and their relationship to the performance of Knowledge Management Analytical study of the opinions of a sample of faculty members in the College of Engineering Al- QadisiyahUniversity


the current research Interested in show the role played the organizational learning practices (continuous learning, dialogue and discussion, the development of systems to participate for learning, enabling employees, contact the environment, encourage cooperation teams learning, strategic leadership for learning) and knowledge management strategy (system orientation strategic),(Human orientation strategic) in the performance of knowledge management. Selected sample(60) faculty member of the College of Engineering - University of Qadisiyah - adopted search to identify prepared from measurements ready, and using a variety of statistical techniques including simple correlation coefficient to measure the correlation between variables and test (T) to see the moral of this relationship, and regression analysis Multiple test (F) to determine moral regression equation, the coefficient of segmentation Kautaman midterm and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was also used (R2) to explain the amount of the effect of the independent variables in the dependent variable, research found that the dimension of the highest impact of the dimensions of the practices of organizational learning represented in the following link Organization environment and the level of cognition Near represent in after driving the strategy for learning, and that the perceptions of the respondents of all the dimensions of the practices of organizational learning is positive and relevant links with high knowledge management strategy, and the results showed that the practices of organizational learning and knowledge management strategy have a positive impact on the performance of knowledge management