The Role of Organizational Justice in Reducing the Phenomenon of Organizational Cynicism


The aim of current research to identify the role of organizational justice in reducing the phenomenon of Organizational Cynicism among employees of the College of Education - University of Qadisiya, and to make organizational justice is the general feature in the faculties of the University of Qadisiya, including specifically the College of Education, College being the oldest and the biggest in sections and preparation associate members those present therein. The rationale term support this research is that employees who are aware of justice or certain will go to the positive behavior in their field, The research community (140) employees of staff at the college mentioned in the five scientific sections are (biology ,psychology, physics, chemistry and history) as well as employees in the Dean of the College. The research sample included on the (94) individuals were randomly selected as this sample formed a gain of (67.14) of the total employees of the research community, And in order to achieve the aim of the research and after the collection of data using the questionnaire as a tool head of the use of the program statistical SPSS v.20, Minitab v.16 and data processing was used a range of statistical techniques (e.g., coefficient alpha Cronbach, test T, Mann Whitney test, the correlation coefficient Spearman, arithmetic mean and standard deviation), The research found a set of the most important results and the existence of organizational justice in college degree (medium) as well as a statistically significant relationship between the dimensions of organizational justice and dimensions of organizational sarcasm. Of the most important :Necessary to develop and increase awareness of employees for the four types of organizational justice (distributive, and procedural and transactional, and assessment approaches) which reflected positively on the performance ,and work on the Involve employees in the decision-making process related to their work, and to express their opinions and observations, which contributes to making these decisions are more effective because of its positive effect on the level of their sense of fairness of the proceedings.