النظام القانوني البديل للمخبر السري


We deal with this research as one of importance subjects which is relating in the procedural side it specifically relate with provide security protection for the secret witness. In the other hand, we should take review to keep right defendant, particulary in investigation and judgment stages, and the resarch purpose studding the system of secret informant and other legal systems to stand on its advantages and disadvantages, to make balance or favorableness among them, to reach the most effected legal regulating and the guarantee to keep the security and peace of secret witness in the legal covering relating with the framework and the gravity of the crime, in same time to keep rights of defendant may judge on the lying report or Attester. For require above mentioned aim has been divided the research into two sections, the first one to study the importance of news and secret confider, and for that we will deal with definition of secret information and it kinds than definition of secret confider and how to distinguish or similarity it, with apprizing this system to get what are advantages and disadvantages. The second section of this research specific to study the definition of programmatic of witness production to understand the meaning of that in the argotic and linguistically side then we discussed to legal regulation for this programmatic and so the comparative of importance laws like in united state of America and Australia, and we discuss the legal system to inter this programmatic and how to finish of protection which given to witness or informer and after finishing from that we limp and discuses to valuation the system to stand on its advantages and disadvantages. In the end of research we mentioned the importance conclusions and recommendations which we reached.