السبورة التفاعلية وتكنولوجيا التعليم:دراسة تطبيقية


The research aims to identify the type of educational technology, namely the interactive whiteboard also called (electronic whiteboard, digital, smart) One of the latest discoveries educational It is a white board with active touch screen to harm any the user has touched the blackboard to control all applications computer and monitor a store what is written by and possible refer to it later and stored as erase what he wrote that he wanted in eraser electronic is equipped to connect computer, display devices and once delivered in seconds turn into a giant computer screen as well as high-definition so they are equipped with speakers and a microphone for voice and image. Have been distributed (150) questionnaire to a random sample of students to learn their views about the extent of the application of this blackboard and the study found, inter conclusions: 1- shows that the percentage (70%) suffer from the large number of students in the hall one of more than 80 students in the hall leading to a lack of focus in the lecture2- percentage (33.3%) of the students sometimes suffer from embarrassment in front of their colleagues in the answer to the question directed to them by a professor at the lecture3- that the percentage (73.3%) of the students focused and understand the material when he was on the blackboard lecture more than focus on the professor explained4- of the questionnaire show that the percentage (85.33%) of the students are excited to apply these techniques in the classroomThe study came to buy this technology (interactive whiteboard) and provide them in the classrooms, one for each section of the college as an experiment first before circulated to all classrooms