The Effect of Accelerated Curing on CompressiveStrength of Self – compacting Concrete


The aim of this research is to study the effect of the process of accelerated curing on the compressive strength of Non - Vibrated Concrete. The study is divided into two parts the, first part including design of reference concrete containing 10% partial replacement of weight of cement, limestone powder (LSP), High Reactivity Metakaolin (HRM), and Ultra fine Fumed Silica (UFS), without Superplasticizer. The same mixes added with Superplasticizer have been exposed to conditions of moist curing for ages 28 & 56 days. Second Part , covered the study of compressive strength of the specimens of concrete mixes cube measuring (150mm) after exposure to accelerated curing cycle with three levels of temperature to include a wide range of change of temperature, according to the most important international standards and research which are (60 °C , 80° C and 100 °C (. Based on the results self-compacting concrete can be achieved during the one day accelerated curing at temperature of (80°C) for about 12- hour were reached (64 MPa). And the results that provided through mathematical equations derived from statistical analysis can be used to estimate the compressive strength of accelerated curing self-compacting concrete at 28 and 56 day.