Estimation of Genetic Diversity and Proline Content in Some Iraqi Bread Wheat Cultivars


Abstract: The genetic diversity of six Iraqi bread wheat cultivars: (Dijlah, Furat, Ibaa-99, Inia-66, Uruq and Tamooz 2) were studied with three treatments of salt stress (0,5 and 10ds/m). The RAPD technique was used to estimate the genetic diversity. Salt stress pattern was used. RAPD data by using cluster analysis revealed that Dijlah and Furat cultivars are closed to each other and behave as one group, and Inia-66 and Uruq cultivars are closer to each other because they are sharing the same origin. Ibaa-99 cultivar was nearer to the second group (Inia-66 and Uruq). Under salt stress condition, differential response in term of leaves proline content was observed, and it is ranged between (15.16 to 6.55 M mole/g).The results showed that there is a genetic diversity among mentioned cultivars with relation to the proline accumulation by salt stress condition.