Detection of E. coli and Rotavirus in Diarrhea among Children Under Five Years Old


Abstract: Ninety four fecal specimens were collected from children diarrhea less than five years old from Al-Emamain Al-Kadhemain Medical City Hospital in Baghdad province. Samples collection was carried out from 25 May to 16 July 2014. Our study showed 25.53 % and 17% of samples had positive tests for Escherichia coli and Rota virus respectively. Low number of E. coli isolates, 4/24 (16.6%) were produced β-lactamase and 10/24 (41.6%) produced biofilm. However, half E. coli isolates (50%) produced hemolysis. The E. coli isolates showed different degrees of sensitivity to different antibiotics. All E. coli isolates were 100% sensitive to Ciprofloxacin, Gentamycin, and Norfloxocin. However, 16.6% of E. coli isolates were sensitive for Carbenicillin and Amikacin. But 33.3% of E. coli isolates were sensitive to Amoxacillin- clavulanic and Aztreonam. Our study showed a number of plasmid range between 750 to 10,000 bp in size.