Influence of Complexing Agent on Morphology Properties of PbS Thin Films Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy


Lead sulfide nanostructures (PbS-NS) thin films were prepared using Chemical Solution Deposition (CSD) method by varying of the complexing agent. The influence of the complex agents and the different molar concentration of these reducing agents on the morphology and structure properties of PbS nanostructures were investigated. The other parameters: concentration of the reactants, pH of solution, and temperature of bath were kept constant for the all depositions. The structure and morphology of prepared PbS nanostructures were analyzed by atomic force microscope AFM. It appears that the complexing agent at which the PbS crystals were prepared had a strong influence on their form and morphology. Studies revealed that there is an improvement in the structural quality with changing the concentration in some range. However, too high concentration of complexing agent could lead to the degradation in structural quality of thin film.