Prevalence Elevated Day3fsh/LH Ratio, Prolactin Variation and Central Obesity With Menstrual Irregularities Among Primary Infertile Women in Babylon Province


Background: Infertility in women is a complex problem should be considered carefully by the physicians in order to find effective intervention and solution to avoid the expenditure of the money and time. Subjects and Methods: In this study, 180women with primary infertility aged 20-40 years were investigated who attended to infertility unit in maternity and pediatrics teaching hospital in Hilla city, province of Babylon ,sixty fertile women with similar age were enrolled as the controls.Pitutitary gonadotropic hormone were analyzed and FSH/LH ratio was calculated, anthropometric measures included body mass index( BMI) ,waist circumference(WC),and waist-hip ratio(WHR),menstrual cycle characteristics were self-reported .Results: Hormonal abnormalities involved follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) , prolactin( PRL) level and elevated FSH/LH ratio were more frequent in infertile women, the majority of infertile women had overweight in comparison with that fertile group,menstrual disorders mainly oligomenorrhea, second amenorrhea and polymenorrhea were reported in the majority of the infertile women. There was statistically non-significant difference (p>0.05) among those values of thyroid hormone among case group as comparison with those in control group. Conclusion: Present study revealed that women infertility maybe result from problems in ovarian reserve, disorder of menstruation and prolactin level abnormality as well as central obesity