Study the Effect of Thickness of Polyaniline nano-films on the Current Density-Voltage (J-V) characteristics


Polyaniline (PANI ) was used as a basic material in this research where nano-films of Polyaniline were deposited on n-type silicon wafers. The thickness of the PANI films was controlled by the spin coating process. Different thickness of PANI( 225,107, 90, 74 and 61)nm were obtained by using different spin speed(1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000) rpm, respectively. The current density-voltage(J-V) characteristics were achieved in both light (100 mw/cm2) and dark conditions. The parameters of the photovoltaic samples, that is, open circuit voltage (Voc) ,short–circuit current density (Jsc) ,fill factor (FF),and energy conversion efficiency (ɳ) were calculated. sWe found that the best thickness of PANI film is 107 nm to get best energy conversion efficiency, short–circuit current density and maximum power point .