The Production of Biofuels From Grain Yellow Corn


This research is about processing the sugars found in grains such as yellow corn to ethanol which are used in the laboratory and pharmaceutical purposes, as well as the trend has been to use as fuel for cars as one of the clean energy source that doesn't causes polluting and the large size of the pollution that is caused by fossil fuels. Processing through the macerating grain with water temperature 55 ° C for a period of 3-5 days and then grinding the grains with the addition of enzyme Zymase for the purpose of processing starches in the grain to sugar glucose as a first stage and then adding the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae( to transform glucose to ethanol. After the treatment of enzyme and yeast there is a distillation process of the solution containing alcohol for the purpose of separating and assembled and has been the experience of many models of grain maize, the ratio of ethanol output varies depending on the quality of the grain for example, local maize gave the proportion of turning 25% while corn from Argentine gave 32% of ethanol and American corn gave 36% of ethanol because of the difference in these brands of the starch, where the higher the ratio of starch increased the amount of ethanol production. The subject of ethanol is one of the researches that has a great future because of the alcohol, which features the world heading to it as a clean energy.