The employment of imagination in the performance of the Iraqi theater actor


Fantasy have been Taking ample space of the concerns of philosophers and critics and get inside the way people think and mythology and myths, customs and religions, because the element engine of the interaction of those people with the world and interact with other people, so the importance of the fantasy element of the achievements of scientists, artists, each according to the exact competence, and therefore Imagination generates creativity and innovation. Not for the imagination to enable the Einstein of Anjar theory of relativity, which is a simple equation, but not fantasy element to enable Beethoven composed by the magnificent symphony (Symphony of Beethoven), and Vaknr well as through authored many books based on the so - called (melody signifier) ​​as well as with Jaykovski -authored to cut (Swan Lake), and when he managed to Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy written stories that carry a global character mimic the actions of its characters actions figures from every time and place. Imagination also enters the myths and beliefs of everyday peoples and enters as well as in the poetic side, which relies on self-expression through the poetic image expressive, and enters as well as in the works of drama authors the likes of Shakespeare and Ibsen and Chekhov, and enters the imagination as well as in the work of directors, playwrights like Stanislavski and Maarjuld and Peter Brook and Fajtankov and Brecht , not fiction stands at this point but included representatives work the likes of Charlie Chaplin and David Garrick and Sarah Bernard and Antonio Quinn, so the researcher coined the title for his research was in the form of a question you can employ in the performance of the theatrical imagination Representative of Iraq?


Humanities, arts, theater