Relationship of some mental abilities and motor performance level player free (Libro) transmission and reception defend pitch in the Iraqi Elite League


A search on the front and the importance of research and through which highlight some of the physical attributes and motor and mental performance-related The player free in pursuit of the researcher to focus on for the purpose of developing the performance of the player free. And represented the research problem in the presence of significant weakness in the performance skills of reception transmission and the defense of the pitch and at the level of national teams and clubs elite prompting researcher studying this problem and that its aims to identify the relationship between some mental qualities and mobility and the level of performance skills transmitter receiver and the defense of the stadium in a sample search The researcher assumed that the presence of a statistically significant relationship between some of the motor and mental qualities and the level of performance of my skills transmitter and receiver defend the stadium.The study included some theoretical studies and similar to shed light on the mental capacity and physical qualities and my skills transmitter receiver and the defense of the pitch. Addition to addressing to Hussein Sabhan the study being similar study for research.The researcher used the descriptive approach as being the most appropriate way to solve the problem, the research sample was represented him for free within the ranks of the elite club volleyball for the 2012-2013 seasonHas been used Researcher some aids and tests to measure mental abilities and motor tests the level of performance skill to skill transmitter receiver and the defense of the pitch. Through the process the results statistically was reached Results foremost of which is the existence of a correlation morale among all the attention and, agility and don’t appear any correlation by accuracy Motor Response and between my skills transmitter receiver and the defense of the stadium, researcher has recommended the development of those qualities and capabilities within the Iraqi League players posed for those qualities of the importance of this specialty.