Impact of Mastery learning the use according to the model ( Joyce and Weil ) to learn some basic skills handball


Find see the effect of targeted curriculum to Mastery learn the model ( Joyce and Weil ) by five axes in developing some basic skills handball in the experimental group , and researchers have used experimental method on a sample of 24 students from medium Fadak Boys .The researchers used tests footwork hand and reel as follows:1 - Test throw the ball the farthest distance .2 - Test the ball hit the wall from a distance of 3-4 m . 3 - Handling feedback from test between defenders .4 - Test الطبطبة the winding for a distance of 30 m .5 - scoring stability on the four corners of the goal .6 - jumping high scoring on the four corners of the goal .The researchers concluded the following conclusions :1 - has proven all of the traditional approach and Mastery learning the approach according to the model ( Joyce and Weil ) effectiveness in influencing learning basic skills in handball2 - This model was a major factor in the experimental group than the control group in the development of the skill level of performance in the effectiveness of Handball .The researchers recommended that the following matters :1 - This form should be used in the process of learning the basic skills handball .2 - The success of the model (Joyce and Weil ) to Mastery learning the increase in the proportion of learning basic skills in handball gives the opportunity to conduct research to develop other skills in other games .