Psychological alienation and its relationship to the health of the Organization for players Premier Handball


This has included provided which was addressed to the subject of psychological alienation in the field of sports Lama research problem has been addressed in a scientific manner and precise in order to determine the extent and identify the size and causes because of their importance to the team and the wealth of role in the organization of the clubResearch objectives1 - construction and application of measure of the psychological phenomenon of alienation with the handball players of the excellent degree2 - Get level after Allamaaaria of the psychological alienation with the handball players PremiershipShowing results levels Allamaaaria and analyzed and discussedPart V5.1 Conclusions: 1 - has been reached to build a measure of the psychological alienation handball players excellent class. 2 - I got a sample application in domain (Allamaaaria) High-level sample as distributed on five levels (very high - high - medium - very low - low).3 - researcher concluded that the coach plays a significant role in the psychological state of the players through the guidance of the players and guide them to the right path, including the dictates of them technical guidance and educational sound and by