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The research included the importance of using kinetic analysis for the movement components during the performance of high spike of the opposite player in position 1, and the evaluation of the performance to obtain the most important bio-kinematical variations that contribute in mastering the skill, every player needs special skill properties that differ from one to another. The study aimed to identify the values of the most important bio-kinematical variations for spike skills (linear and diagonal) of the opposite player in volley ball in position 1. The researchers assumed that there are significant differences for some of variations for both linear and diagonal spike. The second chapter, the researchers mentioned several subjects like the concept of the kinetic analysis and its importance in volley ball, the descriptive method was used with the scanning manner, the samples consists of four players of the national team for the season (2012-2013).The performance evaluation form, the video filming and two cameras were used, in addition to the analysis of the results by kinovea program to gain the variations values of the study. The results were displayed, analyzed and discussed .The researchers concluded several results included (There are significant differences in some bio-kinematical variations values between linear and diagonal spike of the opposite player in the position 1).The most important recommendations are ( the necessity of focusing on the bio-kinematical laws that rule each stage of performance by means of the significant differences of the values that contributed effectively in reaching the highest levels by the players.