The effect of the multi-exercises of the undivided performance in the deudopment of the speed of the skillful performances of handball players .


Training concenders the Key to rise the performance leud of the atthletice . The pevfeet training plane should be completed physically , skillfuljy strategy and pyshclobgg . However , handball is a team gamme . I tis also , depended on moving that change a ccirding to the needs of the game and according to the defence of the opponiont team . feom this , the idea of this study is come , through putting som especial individed training exerices that infuene on the speed of akill performance and offensive skills in handball .The problem of the study ; the delay of the movment with or without of ball let the opponent team to edjust their defensive plane , therefove the researcher slecte a group of multi exerieses of the in divided perfamance that effect on the speed of skillful performance. The aim of the study ; *- I dentifying the effects of the multi-individual exericeses on the deudopment of the aped of skillful performance . The hupotheses of the study ; The exeniceses of the individed effants on the speed of the skillful penfermance . As far as the theoretical or the liteatare of the past studies , they are deding with a similar to pic The third pant deals with testing of the experimented side . The subjects of the study are selected moreover , this chopter deals with the training program and statistice means that serve the study . In chapter four that are the discussions and cheirts that related to the aim and the hypotheses of the study . The condusions that the resrcher gained are; 1- The multi exericeses develop majorly in the development of the basic skills of the study . 2- Giving a enough time for such exericeses in the tranining programme develop the skillfull paformaice through the watdes . Thes , the recomen detions are as follow ;1- Give more attention tosuch sont of exericeses in the traing workout unit. 2- Doing more studies and researdes on the multi exericeses that lead to the devdopment of the speed of the paformance. .