(Study the dynamics of fitness level for volleyball players for the age group (10-13 years) in initial training phase)


The study included addressed to develop physical fitness, and develop all the qualities necessary for players, as the level of fitness has full effect in the future on the results of the volleyball player, in order to recognize the results of this development with players volleyball class budding researcher has conducted several tests on a sample the study through follow-up tests over three months in the month of September 2012, January 2013 and May 2013, in the sports hall in the sports school for youth and children. By the results shownin the table andfoundthe proportionevolutionin the level ofphysical attributesofthetests usedtosamplethefitness exercisesshoweda remarkable development inmany of theteststhat have improved thequalities ofstrength, speedandagilitywithplayersagedsmall andhence the need forthe adoption offitness exercisesto raise thelevel of efficiency functional playersandthusraisetheleveloftechnical performanceforthatagestage