Role Of The Image And Marketing Matrix In Medical Services And Their Impact On The Growth Of Medical Tourism In Saudi Arabia “Applied To The City Of Riyadh”


With an emphasis on the pattern of curative tourism knew and practiced in the days of the Romans, where the therapeutic resorts and curative springs, baths and widespread, in addition to the Pharaonic history that mention to the knowledge of the ancient Egyptians to this pattern, Nowadays with the increasing of the progress of civilization and technology in recent years and doubled pressure of life and different aspects of pollution and congestion have emerged many of the diseases of modern psychotherapy, anxiety and nervous tension, heart disease, etc., thereby increasing the need for tourism activity in general and especially for curative tourism, whether medical or therapeutic or preventive. Therefore, countries of the world are racing to attract tourism and therapeutics tourists from all over the world, relying on what it characterized at both the medical possibilities and natural resources with therapeutic properties. The aim of this study is to analyze the current state of curative tourism in general in Saudi Arabia, and study the effect of the quality of medical services provided on marketing and growth of curative tourism coming to the Kingdom of the application on the city of Riyadh. The study relied on a set of scientific references and studies, research and official reports and opinions tourist competent and medically related to the field of curative tourism, in addition to a field study based on the descriptive method was based on a questionnaire a simple random sample of patients who received medical treatment institutions in the city of Riyadh. Came out research with a number of results was the most important possession of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the elements of curative tourism in all its forms and a private hospital, medical, however, that despite the efforts at the official level of the General Authority for Tourism and Antiquities, there is still a lack of marketing of this type needs to review in the coming years. The research recommended that the adoption of medical institutions in the Kingdom of the policy of development and marketing of curative tourism, and increasing forms of cooperation and coordination between the government and private agencies involved in curative tourism