Semen volume and its correlation with reproductive hormones in azoospermic patients


The study was aimed to find the relationship between semen volume and follicle stimulating hormone(FSH),lutiniezing hormone(LH),prolactin(PRL),and testosterone(T) in blood serum for Azoospermic patients. This study was included azoospermia(n=25) and normozoospermia (n=25) .semen volume and reproductive hormones(FSH,LH,Prolactin and testosterone) were assessed in both two groups .The results were showed a significant positive correlation between semen volume and testosterone hormone(r= 0.90 ) while it was revealed a significant negative correlation between semen volume and follicle stimulating hormone(r= - 0.93 ),lutiniezing hormone(r= - 0.95 ),and prolactin hormone(r= - 0.95 ) in azoospermic group . in Conclusion , The disturbance of reproductive hormones in azoospermic group affect semen volume may be because the effect these hormones on prostate growth. It is possible in future a study of the levels of reproductive hormones in first and second split of semen for azoospermia and normozoospermia .