Genetic Study of The Etiology of Some Bacterial Pathogens in People with Inflammation of The Eye and to Investigate The Prevalence of The SEA gene


The current study was conducted to investigate the bacterial causes of eye infection which include inflammation of Conjunctivitis,eye lid infection (Blepharitis) and Dacryosystitis. One handered ninety one swabs were collected from the eyes of infected people who reviewed Al-Hilla teaching hospital and Alnoor child hospital and Babylon maternity and paediatric hospital from November 2011 to May 2012.Culture investigations showed 176 positive bacterial growth from 191,the bacterial isolates include 119 isolates Gram positive and 57 isolates Gram negative,the Gram positive isolates include, S. aureus show high percentage of isolate(38.06%),PCR assay were performed to identify the presence of some genes related to pathogenicity in bacteria responsible from inflammation of the eye. Staphylococcus aureus represented the largest causative agent of inflammation of the eye the study revealed the presence of certain gene in some isolate of bacteria, including the gene SEA that gave large proportions in the study isolates rate 87.5%.