Correlations and Path Analysis for Agronomic and Productivity in Bread Wheat ( Triticum aestivum L. ) by Using Different Irrigation Method


Fifteen genotypes of bread wheat were used in tow irrigation methods : surface and sprinkler irrigation to determine the most important characters which can be used as effective criteria for grain yield improvement .Phenotypic and other components characters were determined : number of days to 50% flowering leaf area ,plant height ,number of spikesm2,number of grains in spike and 1000 grains weight .Path coefficient analysis carried out to partition the phenotypic and genotypic correlation coefficients to direct and indirect effects. The results showed that number of spikesm2 and number of grains in spike height correlated with grain yield in tow irrigation methods and 1000 grains weight in surface irrigation. Path coefficient analysis indicated that number of spikesm2 , number of grains in spike and 1000 grain weight had the most positive direct effect on the yield, so these characters can be used as a selection criteria for grain yield.