Glorification and its semantic vision negation between positive and negative in Al-Alawyat of IbnAbi Al- Hadeed Al-Moutazily( 656A.H).


Summarize summary Astqraúna in Alaloyat saying:Although not give IbnAbi , Al-Hadeed as a new Haara- the virtues of Ali bin AbiTalib continentin memory of his predecessors Shiite poets such as : Kumait , and DablAlkhozai , Mr. Humairi , and Al-Sharif al-Radi , and MahyarDailami and others who sang love this upper house Tahir , but he had a clear mark on the substantive and technical levels , for level Aloduaa : Merely describing these seven poems (b Alaloyat ) is renewing calculated IbnAbi Al-Hadeed on the subject of the poem and the Arab Shiite exclusively in exchange HashmyatKumait , and Hijaziat complacent , and HaobiatMahyar , as well as Akhawald Shiite poems about MaimihFarazdak against Imam Ali Bin Al Hussein peace of God to them, or T DablAlkhozai delivered by the presence of the Imam Ali al-Rida peace be upon him and others.What added to the balance of the poet as well as his record of innovation in the objective images in one poem has emerged has a picture of vertebrate related as Saif Ali , Zulfiqar , also emerged has a poem MidhahGhazlh ; if he was not of the construction constants traditional poem Midhah Arab inaugurated head- spinning one of those introductions which concludes the poet to praise them ; however, this construction in context with the objective of IbnAbi like Al-Hadeed may overlap and combine my purpose praise and spinning , then tomorrow spun praise and praise Ghazla , actual loved and Mamdoha in Ann .On a technical level IbnAbi Al-Hadeed was a master of his tools of poetry ranging from passion motivational systems through the language of his tools and Accessories rhetorical and the resulting works of art sham is displayed Pthad music is fantastic, and perhaps intercourse that excel in building technical Alaloyat due to the testimony of IbnAbi Al-Hadeed large of his commentary on approach rhetoric , particularly in his insistence on the mechanisms by which some stylistic approach Tsidt Farrah Ahakiha pay attention and metaphors and Al-Hadeedies soundtracks and other mechanisms Through which the wisest poet reins on tools systemic language and the significance of music and before that he had read the top and saw him through the Nahj , an increase on the testimony of Aatzalith Suffice it to fall doctrine Alaatzala and excavated from the truth Mazanha supported with evidence, deterministic transport them and mental particular , especially if concerned that fact Abjahbz unparalleled as their ibnAbiTalib ; the Astqrana for Aloyat makes us read IbnAbi Al-Hadeed Careful to date on the one hand, being the owner.preferred in those scientific leadership reached by , For this purpose Ntaala in Aloyate when addressing other non- Askar Ali goes to show the pictures so special military anti through the budget with the person Karim ethics, ethics Ptsoaria strong Al-Hadeedy far cry from the insults and verbal abuse , which tends his fanatical Shiite poets about Mahyar - example- , taking into account its neutrality and submit for immodesty word when exposed to some of his companions , as if aware take some recipients disgruntled from Alaloyat weapon Achehrh particular poet in terms of commitment aligned row on which discloses his passion abundant and clarity of his secrets that overflowed with love guardian peace be upon him . If IbnAbi Al-Hadeed Palace music on long deals and complete it may burst diversifying internal music from Jnasat and duplicates and bell music may instead that the shortfall in terms of weight , as well as its dependence on Almjhor of rhymes in order to uphold the right word , especially if TaolnaQoaver set in Text: copper on the secret ] come compliant and address of the research are unbearable meaning of greatness , but the one hand, and the password whenever bone and grew greater the status of silencers and loud , and how Ali is the secret password ?? !! On the other hand . On both structural and rhetorical successful infection and navigation for IbnAbi Al-Hadeed in each linguistic style and the mechanism of rhetorical was intercepted research has Taaddta together in the system did not leave the yard veneration , and did not challenge away from him Vazr this veneration of the preamble Alaloyat and woven by hand and tighten the bonds of unity objectivity and membership of both the other hand , what has brought those supplies steady Association to use at the level of the Arab sentence of derivatives and sources Mosoufat and answers requirement section , or the need for the realization of thought and elucidate them from insider previous Almtrdat to determine the objectives rhetorical especially Altazimih them , which is visible in metaphors and Aleltvattat and Altoriat by , And the resulting overlap between more than art and the requirement of interference to disperse in order to stand on the jokes and rhetorical purposes desired ones, which may portend hear when the receiver first glance Petradfha and overlap about : the overlap between put a damper and Altaatmam , and clarification after the thumb , which demonstrates Btdakhalh with detail after the whole as Yeshi overlap abstraction and saying that the indefinite , but we by Alaloyat found expanse tag reopens Blur coated to these concepts and impending darkness in a statement advantage of each mechanism to Goah- rhetorical and stylistic specificity poured a whole in the crucible of veneration was Massadagaha everything in our research without this . God is reconciling .